Ad.Words just aren’t Ab.Surd

An analysis of the current state of Search Engine Marketing You’re probably wondering why this blog about Adwords and search engine marketing has an image of a pig swimming in beautiful clear water on a sunny day. I hope the confusion is close to how you feel when you see those ads on T.V. and are […]

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Gods Plan Or Marketing Plan?

A look into Drakes consistent viral marketing in the music industry $ 996 631.90 was the budget for Drake’s Gods Plan music video and he gave it all away. Definitely an amiable act but was it good will? or just a well thought out marketing plan? The answer to the second question is a definite […]

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The Dawn Of The Sharing Economy

A look into decentralised apps, blockchain and its possible benefit to customers and businesses implementing the Shared Economy Business Model I think it’s safe to say that everyone on the worldwide web has heard the term “block chain”, “decentralisation” or  “cryptocurrency” either through the net or a self-proclaimed economist in your social group who may […]

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